Postcards to a Stranger

On select Fridays, the Vancouver Art Gallery throws a museum-wide party, called FUSE, with music and other live performances taking place in (literally) every nook and cranny of the heritage building.  Past parties have included make-up artists turning patrons into ghouls or other damaged creatures, bhangra dancers, live online chat displays, projected images on external building surfaces, and lots of live music.

One of the activities for the March 12 FUSE was “Postcards to a Stranger.”  At one station, you filled out your name and address on a label.  At another, you wrote out a postcard which would be matched by volunteers with a previously addressed label.  A few days ago, Mark and I received our postcards.

Mine said:

I’m standing right behind you.  Don’t look! Kapon


Hey You – it’s me!

You are a truly gorgeous creature.  I hope you know & feel that.  Inside & out. I’m honoured to write to you.  I mean who still actually ‘writes’ these days… it’s becoming a lost art to send hand-written words.  Whenever you receive this, know that I was thinking of you when I sat quietly in the Art Gallery wondering who you are.  And knowing you are great & mystifying.  May this bring a little love & sunshine to you today.  You deserve it. Love Danae

Well Kapon and Danae – thank you!  It was indeed a treat to receive these cards in the mail. I hope the recipients of our cards were equally thrilled, if for a moment.


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