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India’s Dying Beaches

I almost feel as though I am in Pondicherry.  The vicarious excitement and stress of trying to keep up with the sudden barrage of media stories and activities initiated by NDTV’s coverage of “The Death of India’s Beaches” has my adrenelin pumping as I try and support our colleagues at PondyCAN.

On 28 May, 2009, Probir Banerjee, PondyCAN’s President, was interviewed by Prannoy Roy of NDTV, fulfilling a promise Roy made months before to take up the issue of coastal erosion.  Realizing the magnitude of the problem, Roy initiated a state-by-state coverage of the issue in a series called “India’s Dying Beaches.”

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Vote for Goonj’s Cloth Sanitary Napkin Project

June 7, 2009

Update:  Goonj is one of three winners in the Designing for Better Health category of the Changemakers Innovation Awards, getting US$ 5,000.  Congratulations Goonj!


What started out as a small initiative (“…a voice, an effort”) of a group of friends going door-to-door in their apartment complexes to collect pieces of clothing to give to the needy in the streets of New Delhi has become a social movement involving hundreds of volunteers and the distribution of over 20,000 kilograms of material in 20 states in India.  (Last year, Goonj celebrated its 10 year anniversary.)

During his visits to impoverished rural areas throughout India, Anshu Gupta, the founder and director of Goonj, came across a hidden problem facing women five days a month.  Many women did not have enough cloth in their homes to use during their menstrual cycles.  Some had to resort to using ash, straw, or sand, living with the livestock for that period of time.  Others shared the same piece of cloth which never saw the light of day to get properly cleaned and sanitized.

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