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Red Hot Power Ranger Roses

Until about two weeks ago, I was attending meetings with members of the administration of the Union Territory of Puducherry, including the Lieutenant Governor, the Chief Secretary, the Chief Minister, the Tourism Secretary, the Commissioner of the Local Administration Department, and the Secretary of Town and Country Planning; networking with other NGOs on environmental and regional planning issues; working on an upcoming newsletter for Pondy Citizens Action Network…

Today, I spent an hour as one of three volunteers in Mr. Nagatani’s kinder garden class at the Chabot Elementary School in Oakland, California, supervising a project for the Red Hot Power Ranger Roses Small Group. (Okay, on Tuesday, I attended a talk by Germaine Greer, co-sponsored by Berkeley Arts & Letters and the Hillside Club Book Lust Salon, discussing her new book Shakespeare’s Wife, and yesterday, I considered attending a CITRIS lecture at UC Berkeley on the Climate Navigator: A New Tool for Policy Leaders to Address Environmental Challenges.)

Did Mr. Nagatani have it in for me, or did he believe Betsy (for whom I was subbing) when she told him I was “highly competent”.  (And why did she do that, exactly?)  Here are the assignments as he described them to his class:

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