Pondicherry “Beach”

Pondicherry “Beach”
Pondicherry “Beach”

This is the coast of Pondicherry. What was once a beautiful beach is now a rock seawall, all the way from the mouth of the Ariyankuppam river, along the entire Pondicherry coastline, and across into Tamil Nadu.

Two days ago, the government of Pondicherry, in an effort to appease the traditional fishermen at Ariyankuppam, commissioned an aged dredger (no longer used in Kerala) from the Kerala State Maritime Development Corporation to dredge the mouth of the river. The work order is to dredge 100,000 cubic meters of sand to give the fishermen, who are not able to launch their boats due to silting of the river mouth (primarily from accretion of sand which has been blocked from moving up the coast because of the “new” harbor that was completed in 1989) access to the sea.  (A government research organization, the Central Water and Power Research Station in Pune, recommends that 400,000 cubic meters of sand be removed each year to allow for the free movement of fishing vessels.)

In their wisdom, the Port officials had decided to dig a “pit” so as to “trap” the sand that moves north along this coast at a rate of .6 million cubic meters for 9 months of the year. The dredged sand would then have been dumped into the ocean.

Members of the Pondicherry Citizens Action Network (PondyCAN) are trying to prevail upon city officials to move the sand further north along the coast to replenish some of the coastline north of the obstructive harbor (which has never been used as a commercial port). Whether or not port officials agree, 100,000 cubic meters of sand is but a drop in the bucket (to use a hackneyed phrase) compared to the 9 million cubic meters necessary to replenish the sand lost to erosion since 1989.


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