Stay of Execution for Rosia Montana

 Brazi Lake, Rosia Montana
Brazi Lake, Rosia Montana 

Cetate Hill will disappear all together, like a bad tooth plucked from the mouth of the Carpathians, to be pulverised along with three of its neighbors. Nick Thorpe, BBC News, Romania

I first heard about Rosia Montana, Romania in April 2005 at a reception held at SOMAsala (our former home and community space in San Francisco) to honor that year’s Goldman Environmental Prize winners who were also grantees of Global Greengrants. Last week, I was pleased to see this BBC article that indicates that Stephanie Roth and her colleagues at the NGO Alburnus Maior have been able to stop Rosia Montana Gold Corporation (a company registered in Canada) from extracting the estimated 300 tonnes of gold still left in low concentrations in the hills after centuries of mining.

That is why they need to grind up whole hills – 13 million tonnes of rock a year – to make the operation worthwhile.

The official Alburnus Maior site provides links to press releases stating that the licensing procedure for the Rosia Montana project has been stopped for an “unlimited period” by the Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Congratulations Stephanie and Alburnus Maior!


1 Response to “Stay of Execution for Rosia Montana”

  1. 1 mirelarus November 21, 2007 at 1:29 pm

    It is still not over, but the battle is almost won, indeed!

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