New Delhi


An auspicious day?  Somewhere on earth, there is a Live Earth concert going on and in Delhi, the last of the 35,000 weddings scheduled for today.

For me, another day, another crisis, and deals not-quite-completed.  “Let’s talk tomorrow.”  Tomorrow is Sunday, but I have a meeting, and a couple of scheduled phone calls.  Tomorrow is a big day.  Then again, so is Monday – a really big day.  And the day after that…

I open my browser and look at the weather, as listed in the cities that I track:

  • San Francisco – 59 degrees F, Humidity – 77%
  • Paris – 70 degrees F, Humidity – 49%
  • Vancouver – 64 degrees F, Humidity – 68%
  • Chennai – 88 degrees F, Humidity – 52%
  • Mumbai – 82 degrees F, Humidity – 79%
  • Delhi – 88 degrees F, Humidity – 75%

I sit under the fan and sweat.  It may be 88 degrees close to midnight, but the residual heat from the 95 degree high has not yet dissipated.  The myriad of insects, attracted by the light in the room, land everywhere.

I’m not supposed to be in India right now.  I should be in San Francisco or Vancouver.  For that matter, I hadn’t expected to be in Delhi for so long – I only brought a few changes of clothing when I left Bombay.  But the worst situation of all is that I haven’t had a single mango since I’ve been in Delhi.  Every day, I drive by carts and carts of them – different varieties that are in season now. (How should I know which ones?  I haven’t tried any of them!)  Never a chance to stop.  This is also the season for corn, roasted on sidewalks everywhere, and mounds of peaches from the North.  I haven’t had any corn or peaches either.

At least the monsoon, which started in earnest the day after I got to Delhi, is more reasonable here.  It rains hard for an hour or two, then clears up.  Not like in Bombay, where it rains nonstop for days at a time and the city comes to a virtual standstill.

It is now 07/08/07.  Today is going to be a big day.



2 Responses to “07/07/07”

  1. 1 Kendall Mau July 8, 2007 at 6:14 am

    Yoo-Mi, I feel for you. Sounds just like Nicaragua, hot, rainy, flooded, no electricity, nor running water despite all the rain. I’m heading for Kyrgyzstan on July 28th. If you’re still on schedule, keep dreaming of Paris and we’ll meet there the week of Sept 17th. Kendall

  2. 2 yoomilee July 8, 2007 at 6:57 am

    Kendall – would be wonderful to meet in Paris!

    Have a great time in Kyrgyzstan. The people there are wonderful! I love the tradition of being offered a piece of bread when you visit someone’s home. And the mountains!!! Spectacular!

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