Hello Bombay

For the first time I can remember, Mark and I were not looking forward to traveling again. We had become fully engaged in life in Pondicherry in the three weeks we had there after getting back from our first wedding circuit and were not ready to leave our friends and the projects we had started with them. While we are never fully ready to leave any place we happen to be, we are usually excited to get to our next destination and take up other projects. This time, the desire to stay was strong. That is, until we got off the plane. It feels great to be back in Bombay.

I’m a city person. I know how to function in cities. I like city people. I know how to deal with them. And despite the fact that Bombay has over 13 million people (or because of it) – the city “works.” Public transportation is efficient; taxis and auto rickshaws are plentiful, and all the drivers use their meters. People don’t have time to try and cheat or haggle with you. Everyone is on the go.

Bombay, like New York City, is about speed and efficiency. (When people complain to me that New Yorkers are rude, I reply: “No, they are not rude, they are just efficient.”) Bombay, like New York, doesn’t sleep (dry cleaners are open until 11pm, food joints until 2:30am). And Bombay, like New York, is about fast and convenient food. Food vendors line the commute routes selling everything from the famous bhel, pau bhaji and vada pav to boiled eggs (which are peeled for you in the blink of an eye and served with salt).

And the degree of separation here? Despite the fact that Bombay has over 13 million people (or because of it), the degree of separation seems to be, at least for us, one.


1 Response to “Hello Bombay”

  1. 1 Hiren February 2, 2007 at 4:04 pm

    All that apart there it the film industry
    The resilience of bombay people must be lauded after the bomb blasts recently and the way they keep surviving the rains. Summing up- Salaam,Bombay.

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