Onward Journey

For all of you who ask “where in the world are you???” – here is our tentative itinerary for the remainder of our stay in India. The first part of our onward journey could be titled: Wedding Circuit II (with a side trip to the AIDS conference). The second part: Friends Without Borders II. The third: Betsy and Zing’s First Trip to India. And the fourth: Sad to be Leaving India – See You in Six Months.

Do let us know if our paths might cross – we’d love to see you!

29 January 2007

10:00 – Car share from Pondicherry to Chennai
15:15 – Indian Airlines Flight 672 from Chennai to Mumbai
16:55 – Arrive Mumbai

3 February 2007

12:00 – Misha Bhatt’s wedding, Lord Ayyappa Samaj Hall, Guregaon (W), Mumbai

4 February 2007

07:00 – Indian Airlines Flight 806 from Mumbai to Varanasi
11:20 – Arrive Varanasi for International AIDS conference

6 February 2007

15:40 – Indian Airlines Flight 805 from Varanasi to Delhi
16:66 – Arrive New Delhi

7 – 9 February 2007

Samihita Kaw’s wedding events

10 – 14 February 2007

Ahmedabad – prepare for phase II of Friends Without Borders project

15 February – 15 March 2007

Travel within Pakistan for Friends Without Borders project

15 -23 March 2007


24-28 March 2007

Edayar and Cochin, Kerala, with Betsy and Kebe Jacobs

29-31 March 2007

Madurai with Betsy and Zing

1 – 5 April 2007

Pondicherry with Betsy and Zing

Mid – late April 2007

Depart for the U.S.


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