Girls, girls, girls

Checking my “Blog Stats” from the “Dashboard” of my new WordPress blog (thank you WordPress!) has become a daily habit, and could easily become an obsession. The page gives you a chart on how many viewers you’ve had over the past 30 days, where your referrals have come from in the last two days, and search engine terms used to find your blog, as well as other summary statistics on viewers (total number, best day, today, etc.).

I have been amused to see that people (I’m assuming men and boys) have been finding my blog with the following search terms over the past few days: “girls”, “rajasthan girl”, and “mumbai girls”. I can’t imagine how they are getting to my blog, and what entry they are finding. But I’m more than happy to provide them a “clean” diversion from their search for smut.

When I search for “girls” using Google, I get the expected porn sites (sexy supermodels, babes, nude girls, etc.) as well as sites for girls organizations, such as GirlsInc and Girl Scouts (go girls!) on the first page. So, I tried the same search on one of the most popular Indian search engines – Well, blow me down. Eight of the ten first page results were for blogs. (Um, yes, you guessed it, the other two are “picture” sites.) In a country where the word “woman” hasn’t entered the common lexicon, there are lots of self-described “girls” in the Indian blogosphere. Even a “mumbaigirl”!

What is going on? On further investigation – a search for “rajasthan girl” in guruji yields four matrimonial sites on page one. A deeper search (page two of “mumbai girls” in guruji) leads me to hope that Nair Menon (or his mother), SW Engineer Rajput Boy, finds the Professional Girl he is looking to marry.

What?!? Are these searchers looking for nice, homely (Indian English for “domestic” or “home-like” when referred to cooking) girls to marry? Then I take even more satisfaction in giving these boys (or their parents) a respite from their duty.


2 Responses to “Girls, girls, girls”

  1. 1 Nipun December 19, 2006 at 12:29 am

    Great post, Yoo-mi! 🙂 (P.S. I got here without a Google search :)).

  2. 2 yoomilee December 19, 2006 at 10:10 am

    Thanks Nipun! The Tao Jones ticker is great!

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