The Sendoff

The evening before our flight to India on 28 November, Mark’s mom, Kaki, came over with a feast for the plane, even though the airlines still feed you on international flights. Pastries (two pain au chocolat and an almond croissant) for breakfast in the morning, before our flight, since she knew Mark would be packing up until we had to get in the car to leave for the airport; a plate of cracked and cleaned Dungeness crab along with tarter sauce; two types of cheese and a bloc of pate; two baguettes; and two different types of cookies.

The next morning, along with our four (two each) allotted checked baggage (which weighed almost twice the economy class maximum) and two pieces of carryon luggage each, we had a bag of food that we are still eating now, three days after arriving in India, and we didn’t even take all the food that Kaki brought (don’t tell her, please!). We took the crab and half of each type of cookie, and also packed four peeled and cut Fuyu persimmons in two ziplock bags, two bags of Japanese rice crackers, some Medjool dates, and a day-old scone from Arizmendi.

We polished off the crab at the airport, immediately after checking in, even before we got to the gate. A bag of persimmons at the gate, and a bag of rice crackers and the last bag of persimmons on the plane, and we still had to carry the extra bag. On our layover in Singapore, we added two sheets of pressed, grilled chili pork, which was consumed in the departure lounge at Changi International Airport, waiting for our flight to Chennai.

The by-then 5-day old scone was wonderful for breakfast (along with the last bag of rice crackers) today, our second day in Pondicherry. We still have a few cookies and the dates.


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