2006 Tech Laureate Venture Network Showcase

On November 15 I attended the 2006 Tech Laureate Venture Network (TLVN) Showcase at the Tech Museum in San Jose.  It is always a struggle for me to get to San Jose at 8:30am on a Wednesday morning, and this morning, I was an hour late after dropping Mark off at SFO.  I have been to four out of the five TLVN Showcases, and have become friends (with Brij Kothari, 2003 Tech Laureate in Education for Planet Read) and colleagues (with Ashok Gadgil, 2004 Tech Laureate in Health for WaterHealth International) with some of the past laureates.

This year, I met two people (Gavin White, CEO of Video Volunteers and Elizabeth Stefanski of globalgiving, the online giving portal that facilitates online donations for the laureates’ projects) with whom I have corresponded within the past year but never met, and representatives of an NGO (Centre for Development of Disadvantaged People) which is in the ProPoor database of South Asian NGOs, a portal that I manage and maintain for CharityFocus.

Centre for Development of Disadvantaged People is a two-time winner, having won in 2004 in the Economic Development category for a rat catching device for indigenous tribal rat catchers (I must admit I stayed away from that exhibit in 2004) and this year, again in the Economic Development category, for a cost-effective, environmentally friendly water purification system managed by women in self-help groups.

Five Tech Laureates are named in each of five categories:  Environment, Economic Development, Education, Health, and Equality, for a total of 25 Laureates.  One Laureate in each category is awarded a cash prize of $50,000. A complete list of the prize winners and Laureates is available on the Tech Museum Awards website.

I urge everyone to nominate candidates. This year’s Laureates range from Mohammed Bah Abba of Mobah Rural Horizons, a rural development and consulting organization in Kano State in Nigeria that sells a “desert refrigerator” – two clay pots lined with wet sand to MBA Polymers (award winner in the Environment category), a Richmond, California based company that now operates the world’s two most advanced, large-scale, commercial plastics recycling plants, one in China and one in Europe.

1 Response to “2006 Tech Laureate Venture Network Showcase”

  1. 1 S.Sethunarayanan December 5, 2006 at 8:17 pm

    Thanks for the information you have provided about our organisation’s winnning of award at the tech.

    Centre for Development of Disadvantaged People,Chennai-600083. Ph: 044 24700246/7

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