Francoise and Pascal

The Proposal

Pascal proposed to Francoise on his birthday, October 7, 2005. A week before his birthday, he told Francoise that he would like to have a birthday party at home and invite a few of his friends. They prepared for the party together, but Pascal took charge of the invitations. The evening of the party, he asked Francoise to get the door when the first guests arrived. She did, and was surprised to find some old friends of hers. The doorbell rang again, and more good friends of hers arrived. Pascal had invited all of Francoise’s friends to come and celebrate his birthday. The biggest surprise came that evening, when he proposed to her, and she accepted. (Neither the proposal or the acceptance were anticipated or assured.) They made the announcement to the gathering of her friends.

The Reason


We’re getting married for several reasons; for poetical ones and also for practical and down to earth ones.” Francoise, January 6, 2006

Why? We asked Pascal yesterday, since he had done the proposing. The main reason was Raphael, their son, who turned 3 yesterday. And also Anjely, Francoise’s daughter, who is 12. “Oh”, says Francoise, in mock hurt, “not me?” The practical issues of joint property ownership, succession, and inheritance may have prompted the decision, but the emotional security of the children took hold.

The Wedding

Francoise hates weddings.

“… we don’t want anything pompous – no big chantillywhiteweddingdress or tuxedo nonsense….Just some nice food and wine at home with the people we love most, and good music to spend a fun moment.”

“There will be no religious ceremony, but a wedding at the city hall. Here in France a wedding at the city hall has a meaning. A “republican” (in the french sense of the word) ceremony. We are inviting our parents only and Pascal’s sister and brother. All the other members of the family are not invited because we want to do something simple. At home. And we don’t want to end up with 200 people around. But we are also inviting our best friends at the city hall and for a party at home afterwards.” Francoise, January 6, 2006


“And here I am, I have a very special demand to make:
Would you make the great honour of being my witnesses. Both of you.
I called the city hall to know if the witnesses had to be French citizens and the answer is no, the witnesses do not have to be French. You just need ID! The law and tradition here is that each member of the couple chooses 2 witnesses. And when I think of whom I would like to have next to me that day, I can think of no other person but the two of you. I hope that it will be possible for you to make it!

Voilà!” Francoise, January 6, 2006


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