Walk to Wagha Border – Day 2

Overnight StopOur Host - Inderjeet Singh

Our first day of walking, through city streets filled with cycle rickshaws carrying school children, horse carts loaded with onions, and cars, buses and trucks, ended in Khasa, a locality with two blocks of commerce, at the edge of which stood M/S Kissan Auto Agency. Our team spent the night above the garage with the family of Mr. Inderjeet Singh who, along with his wife, never stopped working to make our stay comfortable.

When we first arrived in the late afternoon, Mr. Singh informed us that our rooms were ready (he, his wife, and two sons vacated their rooms for us) and that the wash room was useable, but the toilet did not yet work – if we needed to go, we would have to use the fields. From that moment on, he worked non-stop, fetching water, installing plumbing, moving furniture out of one of the rooms so that his family would have a place to sleep, making and serving tea, …

By the next morning, the Indian-style (squat) toilet was useable, and he and his wife made and served aloo ka paratha, butter, curd, and tea to our five drivers and expediters, 6 cycle cart walas, and the 10 of us who were walking to the border.

“Walk” to Wagah

The second day’s walk was really pleasant, past fields and fields of wheat. Two different media crews caught up with us at various points along the way, and every single policeman or border patrol stationed along the road seemed to know who we were.
Stopping by to Say Hello

We reached the border in time catch most of the closing ceremony, a depressing piece of theatre described by Mark in his post, Symmetry and Dissymmetry. Mark also describes our crossing in the same post, two days later than planned, because of the delay in our visa approvals.

Partial Team Photo


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