A Celebration of Communal Harmony

Partial Team Photo, Ahmedabad

The Friends Without Borders event in Ahmedabad yesterday was very different from the previous stadium events in Mumbai and Bangalore. Children of all faiths walked pieces of the World’s Largest Love Letter from seven different places of worship: Hindu Mandir, Jain Temple, Sikh Gurdwara, Moslem Masjid, Christian Church, Parsi Agyari, and Jewish Synagogue to the Gandhi Ashram, accompanied by a police escort and sometimes by camels.
Walking with Camels

St. Xavier’s Church in Mirzapur was the furthest from Gandhi Ashram, taking the children through the old part of town and finally across Subash Bridge and down Ashram Road. Along the way, the children walking from the church were joined by other children from the other places of worship as they all made their way trailing the huge panels of different parts of the letter in Urdu, Hindi, and English.

Leaving St. Xavier’s ChurchLeading the WayCrossing Subash BridgePieces of the Letter on Ashram RoadEntering Gandhi AshramAt Gandhi Ashram

Once at the Gandhi Ashram, the pieces of the huge letter were folded and put away and the school tarps signed by the children. Two of the longest border tarps were painted the week before by over 2,000 students of the H.B. Kapadia schools, while the two bottom border tarps which decorated the buildings at the Gandhi Ashram were painted by Jagatbhai and the children of Manav Sadhna. (The other border pieces were too long to display at the Ashram.) The World’s Largest Love Letter will not be displayed again until it is presented to the children of Pakistan in Lahore.
John Receiving Letters from Kapadia SchoolKapadia Posters

Tomorrow, the team hits the road on its postal delivery journey, stopping first in two villages and schools in Kutch, making a detour to Delhi, and then along the border route through Rajasthan and finally to Amritsar. From Amritsar, it gets even more interesting… Stay tuned…


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