Food Distribution in Zam Zam IDP Camp, North Darfur

Food DistributionGirl with Ration CardsSacks of GrainFood Distribution Center

Food distributed per person per month in Zam Zam IDP camp, North Darfur:
15 kg cereal (wheat or sorgham)
1.5 kg peas or other pulses (lentils)
1.5 kg corn-soya blend
0.9 kg vegetable oil
0.75 kg sugar
0.3 kg salt

There is a separate distribution of two and a half bars of soap per person per month.

Non food items (NFIs) that they received when they arrived include shelter materials, plastic sleeping mats, blankets, mosquito nets, plastic buckets with lids, jerry cans (for water), and flat-bottomed, stamped aluminum pots (if the IDPs fled without their pots).

Most IDPs sell a portion of their grain rations (usually wheat, because they are not used to eating it) to buy vegetables, additional sugar, tea, additional soap, firewood, and sometimes meat.


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