Thermal and a Quarter

“Hey Mark, those are Rs. 200 seats; we have Rs. 100 tickets.”

“Smita, why don’t you announce that a little louder so the whole theatre can hear?”

Rahul, Smita, and Dinesh dozing in our front row seats at the beautiful Museum Theatre last Friday, February 25, while PC Ramakrishna of The Madras Players performed his heart out in Mercy, a solo theatre adaptaion in English of a novel by Sivasankari.

Rahul: “So, did the wife die in the end?”

Dinesh: “Yeah, I was wondering that too!”


“Malayalis never work in Kerala; they work really hard everywhere else, but you can’t find anyone working in Kerala.”

I smiled remembering this statement as I was listening to a National Public Radio story on All Things Considered about the Bangalore-based band Thermal and a Quarter playing in Chennai. (Three and a quarter of the band are Malayalis, from Kerala.)

Archana has publically admitted that she is wrong to think that nothing much happens in Chennai (when in fact, she actually didn’t say that… she questioned the existence of an intellectual community in Chennai… oops, am I going to get her in trouble now that my blog is being read by the who’s who of Indian bloggers thanks to Kiruba?), particularly after she mentioned that she and Smita had gone to see Susheela Raman a couple of days ago (much to Mark’s chagrin for not being invited).

Why am I still thinking about Chennai?


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