Three Degrees

If we apply Moore’s Law to “six degrees of separation”, I believe we are now down to three.

Mark and I ran into Sita, a friend of Trishna’s, at the Fab India store on Woods Road in Chennai yesterday. We had gone to Fab India as a last resort, after exhausting our options at the various sari superstores on Usman Road in T. Nagar. We just could not find the right short kurta for Mark to wear with his silk “veshti” (“dhoti” for you North Indians) for Supriya’s arangetram.

Mark and Sita had exchanged “do I know you?” stares, but it wasn’t until I came out of the dressing room that Sita put it together. (I remember seeing her at Trishna and Deep’s open house in San Francisco, with a cast on her hand.) Sita is here attending a yoga seminar and exploring alternative healing techniques. She would like to help in the relief efforts, but the Swami at her ashram has discouraged her from doing so. “If you get sick from working at the relief sites, you might infect the many Westerners we have here.” We assured her that there would be more opportunities for her to help a little bit later, in the rehabilitation phase of the work.

Fab India, which is indeed, fabulous, did not disappoint.


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