In Mourning

I am still in denial about the results of the elections yesterday.

I didn’t want to listen to the news while we were having dinner to celebrate Tib’s birthday early yesterday evening.  And I was really happy to be listening to Tinariwen at the Great American Music Hall instead of election results later that evening.  When we finally got home after 11pm, I turned on my computer to see that NBC had announced Ohio for Bush, which sealed the election.  At which point I went to bed.

I did not want to get up this morning – I stayed in bed until almost 10am.

I’m in mourning for the people who will continue to die in Iraq.  Hell, for the people who will continue to suffer in THIS country.  For the kids who ARE going to get left behind.  For the people who are un- or under-insured.  For the jobless, the homeless, the hungry.  For the air, water, forests, and animals.  For the contamination and genetic modification of our food.  For the continuing erosion of our civil liberties…

Yikes – how many Supreme Court justices will Bush get to appoint?!?

Who are these people that voted for him?  What are they thinking?!?


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